Building Successful Partnerships with Hospitality Parking Services

Hospitality Parking Services is a professional, customer-focused, valet parking management company that exclusively services fine hotels and resorts across the United States. With each new relationship, we begin by custom-fitting our services to your business needs. The end result is a successful, cohesive partnership.

Each and every Hospitality Parking Services candidate undergoes an extensive interview process. The applicant is then carefully selected according to their experience, dedication to service, and work ethic. Once chosen, the team member must then complete mandatory training to include:

Arrival and Departure Etiquette

Proficiency of Hotel Property

Professional Uniform Appearance

Proper Vehicle Handling and Safety

As you would expect from a company founded by hotel veterans, our training program is designed to produce the most qualified staff to complement the finest establishments.

Our Team

Eric Marzano

Vice President of Operations

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Heather Howe

Director of Human Resources

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