Heather Howe

Director of Human Resources

In her role, Heather is responsible for planning and directing the administration of all HR functions, ensuring that the organization’s HR policies and procedures align with the company’s goals and objectives. Her duties range from overseeing payroll, recruiting, onboarding, training, performance management, management training, workers compensation, benefits, and safety and compliance.

Heather’s experience in marketing and advertising has contributed to her success as Director of Human Resources. Her experience producing award-winning marketing materials gives her the ability to create effective communication strategies and has proven to be a valuable skill in her current role.

Heather earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from Duke University and a Master of Science in Communications from Northwestern University. As an active member of SHRM, Heather continues to stay up to date with the latest HR trends and practices.

Overall, Heather’s diverse experience and skill set make her an invaluable member of the HPS team, and she continues to drive the company forward with her leadership and expertise in Human Resources.

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